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Jul. 22nd, 2010


Yep, Still Lazy...

Posting here for convienience sake again.

Okay, so after yesterday's meeting with the doctors, it's pretty much official - there's really no chance at all.  Anything they could do treatment-wise at this point would be futile, and likely painful on top of that.

There's an odd, detatched part of me that wonders how a doctor trains to deliver a death sentence.  That same part was also interested to watch everyone else's reactions, instead of thinking of my own - it seemed preferable.

My moratorium on making Big Decisions(tm) is over now, too.  I've spent half my day on the phone, getting some of those taken care of.

Oh, and I might not be around much if at all for a while - no need for panic, there's just a lot to do, none of it pleasant.  Hope everyone's doing alright, and I'll pop on LJ or email when I can.

Love and Cuddles,


Jan. 2nd, 2009


Doctor Who Meme

What will happen when you meet the Doctor?
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Your companions are Your life partner
The Doctor arrived because There was a malfunction in the Time Vortex
You first met the Doctor when Jack Harkness was making a pass at you
The end result was You clapped your hands and swore never to believe in fairies again
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